Massage For Mind & Body

Hoping to make our San Antonio Massage Therapy and Day Spa services part of your Wellness Program. ME#2196

 Our Mission


Healing of the mind, body, and spirit, is the core mission of Massage for Mind and Body Day Spa through therapeutic and relaxation massage. Reducing stress can improve the quality of life and increase happiness, abundance, and health.

Everyone can benefit from our massage services!

  • The therapists at Massage for Mind and Body Day Spa are committed to assisting each client with their health and wellness. They customize each massage program to individual needs and desired results

  • Business professionals can improve productivity, reduce work related stress and injuries, and develop increased enthusiasm for their career.

  • Athletes can improve their body performance and recover from training quicker by reducing toxin buildup and improved flexibility.

  • Parents can reduce stress and improve overall life health and happiness with the combination of massage and on going coaching of wellness and relaxation techniques that can be shared with the entire family

  • Anyone choosing to improve their life can benefit from the massage services we provide.

  • Each therapist integrates these services for each individual based on their personalized wellness plan.


Massage Therapy Services


SWEDISH MASSAGE:  A relaxing massage using long flowing strokes. Helps reduce pain and stiffness and increase circulation.  $23 1/2 hour        $45 1 hour
DEEP TISSUE:  A massage of the muscles and connective tissue relieve severe tension caused by over activity or injury.   $35.00 1/2 hour       $68.00 1 hour
HOT STONE MASSAGE: Heated stones are used by the therapist to perform the massage which helps relieve tension in the muscles.        $55  1 hour
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Swedish style massage incorporating Young Living essential oils to increase the therapeutic results of the massage.     $55.00  1 hour                RAINDROP TECHNIQUE: $100.00 Oola Massage $125.00
PRENATAL MASSAGE: This massage is just for the expectant mother.  Performed on her side and a great reliever of back and muscle pain.        $55.00  1 hour
CHAIR MASSAGE: Massage of the neck and back while sitting in our unique chair.   $15  15 minutes
REFLEXOLOGY:  The physical act of applying pressure to the feet with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques.$30 for 30 min